Paula Deen Faces Embarrassing Accusations of Racism

“I Didn’t Say Black People Should Be Slaves; I Just Said I Wanted to Own Them,” Clarifies Deen


In the wake of a discrimination lawsuit filed against her by a former employee, celebrity cook and author Paula Deen said yesterday that she didn’t intend to offend anyone when she said she wished she could plan a Southern plantation wedding with African-American servers playing the role of antebellum slaves.

“This whole thing has just been blown sky-high out of proportion,” said Deen. “There ain’t nobody who don’t think a homemade biscuit tastes better when it’s brought to you by a black person. All I’m saying, as a professional chef, is that it tastes its absolute best when that black person is completely deprived of all personal freedoms.”

Deen went on to say that the hypothetical biscuit would be “somehow more buttery and delectable” than biscuits served by a free white person.

She also stated that in her professional opinion, African Americans themselves would probably taste “fantastic” fried in lard and dusted lightly with powdered sugar.

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