What They Said After We Left the Vet’s Office

Something bad is about to happen.

Vet: Whew! I’m glad they’re gone.

Technician: I can’t believe that little asshole crayoned on the wall.

Receptionist: Now I have to clean it up. You shouldn’t have given him crayons, Veterinary Technician.

T: I had to! He was screaming because he couldn’t open the door and go run around the lobby.

V: I bet that mom has her hands full.

T: I’m telling you. I wouldn’t want to be her. You can see that she was once young and vibrant, but now the light is leaving her eyes.

V: That’s why I’m never having kids. Thanks for taking him for a bit, by the way, Receptionist.

R: You’re welcome, Dr. Veterinarian. I’ve been told I’m very good with demon children.

T: That mom could probably use you at home. Not to mention somebody to give her a makeover!

All: Tee hee! Ha ha! [chortling]

T: Seriously, that bra wasn’t working with that shirt.

R: Hey! That woman left without paying her bill!

V: You should charge her double. And extra for the crayon removal.

T: She was rubbing at it with an alcohol-soaked gauze pad. What a loser.

All: Tee hee! Ha ha! [chortling]

V: Her cat was awesome, though.

T: Yeah, the cat was awesome.

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