Seventh Grade is Uncannily Predictive of Your Adulthood

Top 20 statements I wrote in my diary the year I was 13:

20. “I try to be nice to boys and make eye contact and stuff, but nothing works.”

19. “I’d probably be in alternative school by now if I didn’t keep a journal.”

18. “I’m beginning to think that very few people in this world are worth caring about.”

17. “I wish with all my heart that I could not be smart anymore, that I could be myself, that I could be fun and outgoing and normal.”

16. “I want to learn about EVERYTHING.”

15. “I gotta lighten up.”

14. “I gotta work on being less sensitive.”

13. “It’s hard being yourself when you’re not sure who you really are.”

12. “Sometimes I just like to write and write until everything becomes clearer.”

11. “Sometimes it’s too much. I just have to say to myself, ‘Shut up! You’ve got to enjoy the time you have and not think so much.’”


Unfortunately, since the internet can't transfer smell, you'll miss the godawful whore-and-gardenia scent that is inexplicably still emanating from the pages of this diary after twenty years.
Since the internet can’t transfer smell, you’ll miss the godawful whore-and-gardenia scent that is inexplicably still emanating from the perfumed pages of this diary after twenty years.


10. “I’m feeling all these bad, weird things.”

9. “I can’t keep expecting myself to be perfect.”

8. “I think, why can’t I be laid-back, outgoing, spontaneous? Then I remember I just wasn’t meant to be a flaky sort of person.”

7. “Sometimes I think life is just one big search for something to hold on to.”

6. “I just want to be liked.”

5.  “Am I destined to live a lonely life?”

4. “The thing I’m always most afraid of is that I’m not normal.”


2. “It’s scary when you hold onto something so tightly and then you lose it.  But sometimes it’s really time to.”

And my personal favorite, which proves I was 13 until my early thirties:

1. “If I don’t ask him out I’ll just go on like this in spurts of utter bliss and severe depression, and that will not be very healthy.”


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4 thoughts on “Seventh Grade is Uncannily Predictive of Your Adulthood

  1. Quite a few sounded familiar! I love reading back on my journals. I recently read through early to late college and while some of the stuff seemed silly and immature, there were themes that play out to this day. Interesting how much but also how little we can change. I feel like I’ve grown so much being a mother but from my journal, I realize I’ve changed very little in my needs for perfection, wanting time to speed up then slow down and always trying to learn how to f’n relax! good to know I’ve never been alone. 😉

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