Kid on Side of Potty Chair Box Way Too Excited To Be Taking a Shit

The photo in question
The photo in question


AP-Mom Elaine Laskey told officials yesterday that she is very skeptical of the posed toddler pictured on the Safety 1st Comfy Cushy Potty Trainer and Step Stool that she recently purchased at her Marietta, Georgia Walmart.

Laskey says she purchased the potty chair for her two-year-old son, but is having difficulty imagining him approaching potty-training with as much enthusiasm as the model on the box.

“My husband and I have been racking our brains wondering, what is it? What is making this toddler so happy?” Laskey said. “Is it the cushioned seat with splash guard? The lift-out bowl for easy cleanup? The non-slip lid or skid-resistant feet? What?”

“I’m pretty sure that photo was staged,” added Laskey’s husband Bob. He surmised that the model had been asked by photographers to pose on the potty chair and then shown items guaranteed to elicit excitement from toddlers, such as a set of shiny keys, an easily breakable electronic device, or a crack pipe full of crushed, smokeable Goldfish crackers.

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  1. Don’t be so sure. There have been PLENTY of days when I was positively delighted to be taking a shit. Just me? Damn it.

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