Lena Dunham Just Not Going To Bother Wearing Clothes Anymore

Lena Dunham, creator and star of the inexplicably-critically-acclaimed HBO series Girls, has tweeted that she plans to abandon wearing clothes entirely.

Hailed as “a female Woody Allen,” Dunham, 27, has spent the last year forcing her pasty naked body on viewers in the name of artistic expression. According to Dunham’s publicist, while perpetual nudity may cause a publicity nightmare for the actress, it is the next logical step in her evolution as an artist.

“She’s unbelievably brave,” says a randomly interviewed feminist. “She shows that any woman can get naked on TV, even if people are covering their eyes and screaming at her to stop. It’s so empowering.”

In a recent interview, Dunham said she hopes to inspire every privileged, self-absorbed twat in New York City who wants her own $13.5 million book deal and television show starring herself and other privileged, self-absorbed twats.

This woman's work represents a generation.
This woman’s work represents a generation.


Me: I’m not sure about the use of the word “twat” here. It seems offensive.

Husband: It is offensive.

Me: To everyone? Even the British?

H: Yes.

Me: But it seems like the right word.

H: Then don’t censor yourself.

Me: How about “twit”? No, that doesn’t really work. “Twatwaffle”?

H: “Twatwaffle” is a good one.

Me: Yeah, but I think it’s too involved in this instance. Plus, if you look at it wrong, it looks like “twa-twaffle,” which bothers me. And I don’t like it as two words. The space gives it an unnecessary and inelegant pause.

H: [silent, done with conversation]

Me: You know what? I’m going to tell you something. This may be a radical opinion, but I advocate hyphenating “twat-waffle.”


Me: I mean, what would you call a whiny, self-important, annoying woman?

H: “Twat.”

Me: I know! That’s why I wrote it the first time!

H: If anybody’s offended by it, just ignore them. They’re twats.


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