Atheist Family Hiding Behind Façade of Normalcy

Hattiesburg resident Rosalie Blackburn reports that the family of avowed atheists next door are blithely continuing with their lives, seemingly unaware of the fiery torment they are destined to experience when Christ returns to rule on Earth.

“It’s mind-boggling,” says Blackburn, who tracks the family’s daily activities through her kitchen window. “They go to work every day. They come home and play with their children in the backyard. Yesterday, they were reading the younger boy books and coloring with chalk on the driveway.”

According to Blackburn, who has lived next to the evil, church-spurning family for two years, their apparent happy and healthy family life “defies logic.” She is “at a loss” to explain how the family carries on without espousing superstition and adhering to dogma.

Blackburn adds that although her neighbors appear to be kind and generous, she is confident that with continued vigilance she will uncover sufficient evidence to prove their existence completely amoral and ultimately meaningless.

Atheist family wholly oblivious to their imminent fiery doom
Atheist family wholly oblivious to their imminent fiery doom

5 thoughts on “Atheist Family Hiding Behind Façade of Normalcy

  1. Blackburn is an IDIOT. Period.

    Rather than judge her Atheist/Muslim/Buddhist/Mormon/Whatever neighbors…

    perhaps, she should look in the mirror–perhaps, she should bake them a cake– perhaps, she should accept them for exactly who they are–perhaps, she should shut her big, stupid, ignorant, toxic trap.


    A Christian whom despises Judgmental assholes. (especially, judgmental Christians.


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