Ten Reasons I Can’t Remember My Username and Password

Dear Technology Help Desk,

Actually, I have an excellent memory. I know

  • The names of the major bones in the skeleton
  • The license plate number of the truck my high school crush drove
  • The scripts, in entirety, of the “Learning to Talk Italian with Brak” segments on Cartoon Planet
C’é un melanzane nel tuo boffo. (There’s an eggplant in your moustache.)
C’é un melanzane nel tuo boffo. (There’s an eggplant in your moustache.) youtube.com
  • The random 16-digit “secret code” number shared with best friend (for now-forgotten purposes) in 4th grade
  • Said best friend’s home phone number from before we even had to dial area codes
  • The lyrics to “Boyz in the Hood”
  • The name of every My Little Pony issued between 1983 and 1987
  • Every shitty thing anyone has ever said to me, including the ones that were preceded by the words “No offense, but…”
  • The name of that neighborhood kid’s college roommate who looks like the lead singer from Guster and whom I have spoken to exactly once, and
  • The first and last names of a couple thousand kids I will never see again.

Given such a wealth of information, my brain is simply too full to absorb my new username and password. So please forgive me for calling you again.


That Bitch Who Constantly Has to Have Her Password Reset

6 thoughts on “Ten Reasons I Can’t Remember My Username and Password

  1. Don’t you mean dumb bitch? Sorry, I’m KIDDING. I just couldn’t resist. (And now since I said a mean thing to you, even in jest, you will remember me forever! Yay!) xoxo

    Oh and you forgot to mention that child of yours who once inhabited your body as a foreign being sucking up all your extra brain cells. That’s who I always blame for my shitty memory. 🙂

  2. I’m the opposite. I can remember passwords but I’ve forgotten the names of 95% of students I’ve taught. Even the ones I had last semester.

  3. Not only do I not know my passwords, but I also have forgotten the names of every student I’ve ever had except a couple standout kids and Bill R. That kid will haunt my dreams for eternity.

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