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If you don’t count cheerleader or waitress (which were my aspirations in preschool), there were two careers I wanted to have before I knew I wanted to be a teacher—translator and journalist. When I was twelve, I interviewed a reporter from the local paper for a unit on careers. She gave me a long, steno-style reporter’s notebook, which I used faithfully at school to record observations and quotations. I’d continue observing, recording, and writing for years to come—not professionally, but as a way of life.

Around the same time hundreds of miles away in Madison, Wisconsin, some college students were just getting their fledgling publication The Onion off the ground. I wouldn’t learn of The Onion until the mid-nineties when I myself was in college. By then I’d already started writing satirical news articles. My first article was about a deranged young blonde who’d gotten arrested for stalking and maiming her crush’s girlfriend. (I’ll let you guess the identity of that deranged young blonde.) I later wrote about anything and everything, including my ex-boyfriend receiving the prestigious Asshole Prize. (For this honor, he received a papier-mache set of buttocks fashioned by Claude de l’Ane of Paris.) I was hooked.

So when Lola of Sammiches and Psych Meds launched and asked me to write for her, I was all in. She conceived MockMom as “The Onion for parents.” I’m indebted to her and her right-hand woman, Toni of Is it Bedtime Yet?, for having the courage and initiative to get this site going. We badly need a site of this kind that is open to submissions. The Onion is not—they have staff writers. Reductress is, but no one I know has had any success getting their pitches picked up there.

I’ve had a blast so far making people laugh and collaborating with other writers. If you haven’t visited yet, please hop over to for a laugh, or visit our Facebook page. You can help us by sharing an article or two with your friends.

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