Quiz: Which Orifice Are You?

Answer these 7 questions as honestly as possible to determine your spirit orifice!


1. Which shape do you identify with most?


$_86 - Version 4







$_86 - Version 3














$_86 - Version 2






2. Do you produce a lot of waste?

A. No, I’m efficient.

B. Buttloads.

C. No more waste than the average person.

D. Yes. But I carry it well.


3. Are you self-cleaning?

A. Yes.

B. No. I require regular maintenance.

C. No. I require regular maintenance with a special tool.

D. I usually just let things go until I start to smell.


4. How comfortable are you with being violated?

A. I welcome it.

B. No entry.

C. Ask before you get in my space.

D. Medical professionals only, please.


5. Are there poems written about you?

A. Oh, loads.

B. My sublime beauty tends to go unappreciated.

C. Only limericks.

D. Do bathroom stalls count?


6. Do people enjoy seeing you show up at parties?

A. Sure!

B. Usually.

C. Only if everyone is very drunk.

D. I tried it once and got arrested.


7. Are you a place where a tongue should go?

A. Of course, silly!

B. People only do it to annoy me.

C. Only if everyone is drunk.

D. I tried it once and got arrested.


Regardless of your answers, you’re probably an asshole.


This post exemplifies why ClickHole didn’t hire me.

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